BOOM KITS Over the last 50 years, Con Forms has perfected the technology of pipe hardening and Twin Wall manufacturing—creating a product that lasts longer and is more consistent than anything else on the market. Our boom kit systems provide strength, durability and safety,

offering the lowest total cost of ownership in the business. Mix and match options to add performance where needed.


High performing series that includes our proven single-wall, heat treated pipe and cast elbows. Industry leading & high performing​ Proven single wall heat treated pipe​ Cast Elbows​ Single Wall Boom & Deck Pipe​ System Sizes: 4.8​"

Includes our industry proven, Twin Wall pipe and elbows designed with our proprietary steel chemistry to provide market-leading longevity. An upgrade to CCI-lined is also a choice. Let our experts engineer your system to maximize the life of the system – not just a component.

Our highest performing series includes the thickest and longest lasting Twin Wall pipe in the industry. CCI-lined elbows outlive the performance of normal elbows and pipes. Top-of-the-line, highest-performance offering​ Longest lasting Twin Wall pipe on the market​ Thickest liner on the market​ Exceeds current market expectations for performance​ CCI Lined Elbows​

High durability & performance​ Proven Twin Wall technology​ Consistent performance & longevity​

Twin Wall Boom & Deck Pipe​ System Sizes: 4.8", 4.6", 4.4"

Exceeds the current market expectations for best value​ Twin Wall Boom & Deck Pipe​ System Sizes: 4.8​"


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